The future of digital, starts with human-to-human interaction



It’s time to get a solid grip on your company’s digital transformation agenda. Why? Because nowadays the most successful companies are digital engaged companies. Today executives like you go to events: conferences, webinars, and meetings outside your company at a tremendous pace. Because you need to find out which profound implications digital transformation has on your company and customers. Digital winter is coming. Executives realize that anyone who didn’t adapt to digital changes like AI, AR, Big Data, Blockchain, IoT, etc. — is falling behind or doesn’t even exist anymore.

Change is not a once in a while thing anymore. The lifespan of large, successful companies has never been shorter.

The failure to adapt to digital transformation and new digital business models is the main reason why companies are closing their doors. That’s why executives extensively are investing in knowledge. For many like you, it has become a dire necessity to solidify your position in the digital driver’s seat, bridge the gap between business and IT and realign external third-party dependencies. But also educate yourself on industry-driven best practices, and interact with peers. You need and want to know what works and what doesn’t and get your information from a trusted and unbiased source.



You invest in knowledge. Our activities foster digital maturity and growth for our members and create a vast amount of valuable data giving insight into benchmarks, trends and future predictions.


Your time is valuable. That is why CraniumConnect offers global curated peer-driven events, conferences, round tables, masterclasses and strategic workshops. The future of business is digital and the future of digital starts with human-to-human interaction, with real peers.


You believe in the value of communities and we believe in giving back to the community, reinvesting in the future. Being part of our unique, worldwide community will help future-proof and grow your business, and provide the support needed for personal growth as well.


You understand that successful digital companies co-create with digital solution providers and vendors, that is why CraniumConnect facilitates co-creation projects within our community.


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We at CraniumConnect believe that successful companies are connected companies, with a strong focus on digital insight and knowledge-driven leadership. Now is your chance to get connected and solidify your position in the digital drivers’ seat! So, buckle up and become an executive member at CraniumConnect.

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  • “At CraniumConnect we believe that successful companies are connected companies, with a strong focus on digital insight and knowledge-driven leadership.”

    Jay Ramsanjhal
    Chairman – CraniumConnect

  • “As a COO I find it interesting to learn from people with different perspectives, that work at different or similar companies. CraniumConnect enables me to meet those people in a curated setting. I believe this is an important value of the community.”

    Paulus Flokstra
    COO – VDH Products

  • “Enabling Microsoft Dynamics users is a number one priority at Mprise, aswell as at CraniumConnect. Therefore we both have the same objectives and operate as a facilitator of the connections between Microsoft and end users. Besides that, working with the CraniumConnect team is always a pleasure and arrangements and coordination of their conferences are well organised and well executed.”

    Mirjam Berntsen
    Director Business Solutions – Mprise

  • “The added value of CraniumConnect is to have a network of peers of other organisations, and to exchange thoughts and experiences with each other. You meet people, you usually wouldn’t meet.”

    Frank Scholte
    It Director – Prominent

  • “Conferences and events hosted by CraniumConnect are always of high quality. Last year, the agenda for Dynamics Experience was relevant and well framed, with an appropriate diversity of speakers and session content. The CraniumConnect staff is also exceptional; highly professional and accommodating. I look forward to participating in future events.”

    John Jempson
    Former Head of Finance – TGI Fridays

  • “CraniumConnect has been a great support to us and we have built a strong relationship throughout the years.
    CraniumConnect invests in personal relationships and is always committed, even beyond the partnership”

    Moira Kuijt
    ERP Sales Enablement Lead – Avanade


CraniumConnect has taken the time to talk to hundreds of end-customers, both individually and in strategy sessions and realized that you are looking for new ways to interact with like-minded people, acquire objectified and relevant knowledge and attend curated meetings.

Spending time in meetings that are not curated by peers is often just a waste of your valuable time. Why? Because you most likely end up listening to sales pitches or watching product presentations. For executives like you, who are serious about building a future proof digital business, it is no longer efficient enough to get information through transaction driven companies or product consultants.

The best way today to get unbiased quality content, is to meet with peers, real peers in a curated setting. To reach out to a community of like-minded people: executives that intrinsically understand where you are coming from or are heading towards, which business problems you are facing, how to manage your stakeholders and drive the digital agenda.

CraniumConnect facilitates all this because we know how valuable your time is.

Through CraniumCredits your time is worth money

Power of the community
The strength of our community is the shared passion for digital transformation and the drive to share this passion with others. CraniumConnect works closely with its members and offers a platform for sharing knowledge, expertise and customer cases. In this way, CraniumConnect manages an active community in which members can deliver a valuable contribution to the community. All our activities are set up jointly with one or more members.

Loyalty programme
Taking an active role brings you benefits which are earned through our CraniumCredits loyalty programme. CraniumCredits are points which you receive as soon as you undertake an activity. Those points can be exchanged for a discount.

The more active your role, the more credits, the higher the discount!

What is the value of 1 CraniumCredit?
1 CraniumCredit = EUR 1

* Discount is deducted afterwards from the amount of the subsequent (new) membership. CraniumCredits are not exchangeable for money.


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